Arab League Libyan unity threatened by external forces.Monday , 21-03-2016 - 20:43:00

Cairo, 21.03.2016(Lana) Arab League Deputy Secretary General, Ahmed Ben Heli said that great responsibility is vested on Libyans to avert a military intervention. Ben Heli said Monday that the 8th meeting of Libya's neighbouring countries due Tuesday in Tunis considered a fundamental in support of Libyans, stressing the importance that brothers in libya feel that it is high time for an agreement that the national accord government start implement the tasks assigned to it as a first step. Ben Heli stressed that ' Any procrastination in reaching a political solution in Libya would provide a pretext to those poised for intervention and probably militarily in Libya'. H explained that there are many challenges encountering Libyans at the moment and foremost terrorist organizations especially Da'esh which started to settle in several Libyan regions east , west and south of the country. Ben Heli warned that Libya's unity is threatened as there are indications for intervention of non-Arab external parties and they are preparing the stage to that, stressing the need that Libyans conclude the protracted consultations which has become futile. he also expressed hope that the new government could move to Tripoli and start its urgent work, especially restoring security and stability, forming security and army apparatus and all that is related to security and stability of Libya. =Lana=