Announcement for establishing a 'social entity' to create a secure environment for the region.Thursday , 25-02-2016 - 18:59:00

Tripoli, 25.02.2016 - Lana - The municipalities' mayors and revolutionaries of great Tripoli gathering , announced the establishment of a 'social entity' , for creating a secure environment , under the name of "the supreme council for reconciliation in the great Tripoli". In a statement - which Lana got a copy of it - today evening , the gathering asserted that , it is seeking to stop the military , media and economic war , and to make efforts to achieve reconciliation and social peace , among western region entities , and then the rest of Libya regions. According to the statement , this social entity is seeking to gather the rivals on a dialogue table for peace , and to confirm on the unity of Libya , and not to be divided , distanced from political disputes. =Lana=