Serbian foreign minister: two Serbians were killed in the American raid on Sabrata city.Saturday , 20-02-2016 - 18:27:00

Belgrade, 20.02.2016 - Lana - The Serbian foreign minister "Ivica
Dacic" , today Saturday , said that two Serbian citizens kidnapped
last November in Libya , were killed in the American air strike on
the training camp of Da'esh in this country.
In a press conference in Belgrade "Dacic" , said "unfortunately they
were killed in this hit against Da'esh".
Its noteworthy , that the municipality and military councils and
security directorate in Sabrata , had issued a joint statement on the
9th of last November , which Lana got a copy of it - saying that the
Serbian ambassador's convoy had a road accident in Sabrata city , and
two employees were kidnapped by unknown perpetrators.