Sebhha Medical centre discusses with security agencies prevention of storming the centre.Monday , 15-02-2016 - 19:52:00

Sebha, 15.02.2016(Lana) Broad meeting was held at Sebha Medical Centre (SMC) that included SMC management and medical staff as well as representatives for security agencies in the city to discuss prevention of storming of the centre. The meeting discussed the need to explore security means to support and protect the medical and auxiliary staff at the centre to enable them work smoothly. The meeting also discussed laying down barricades that prevent entry of arms into the centre's departments including emergency dept, which receives all emergency cases of the wounded in the region. SMC director, Ausama al-Wafi reported that the meeting was due to escalated situation in the emergency dept and events that took place last Thursday such as storming the centre and waging armed attacks on staff prompting them to close the centre. =Lana=