Kobler Welcomes Announcement of Libyan Consensus Government and Urges Parliament to Endorse it.Monday , 15-02-2016 - 19:22:00

Rome, 15 February 2106(Lana) The UN Special Envoy to Libya Martin Kobler has welcomed the announcement by the Presidential Council of the new consensus governemnt which he described as 'new start' for Libya. In a statement publuished by the UN, Kobler urged members of the House of Representatives led by Agila Saleh to shoulder their responsibilities in accordance with the political agreement, to put the interests of Libya first and to endorse the new governemnt. The responsibility now rests on them to save their country the perils of continued conflict and destruction, Kobler said, stressing that 'this is a historic opportunity to achieve peace that should not be lost. The UN envoy believes 'all sights of the Libyan people are on the new consensus governemnt to exercise power and to work towards re-uniting the state institutions and restoring stability in the country. He called on the Libyan people and all concerned active political and security players to endorse the new governemnt to assume power. =Lana=