Italian Defence Ministry : Leadership of Military Action in Libya is for Italy.Monday , 15-02-2016 - 19:23:00

Brussels, 15 February 2106(Lana) Italian Defence Minister Roberta
Benote said it has experienced a firm will by Nato defence minsters
in agreeing to act in concerted manner provided that Italy would be
the leader in any future action the alliance takes in Libya.
In statements published on Sunday, Benote said 'France and Britain
will not act in an individual military operation in Libya, and that
the leadership of would be for Italy. This was agreed at a meeting
held by the alliance which was attended by the US Defence Minister
Ashton Carter, the French Defence Minster Jean Yeavs Laudrian and the
British Michael Falon.
The next military operation would be launched to protect oil
investments of the Italian Eni group and its personnel in Libya, she
'We are not talking about war, but rather about terrorism, we will
need additional funds of 600 million Euros which the Italian
Parliament has allocated to war on Da'esh in Iraq alone, and this of
course will not be enough if we have decided to open a new front in
Libya, she stressed.