Twariq tribes in Libya calls UN mission to solve the situations in the south.Sunday , 14-02-2016 - 19:16:00

Sabha, 14.02.2016 - Lana - The Twariq tribes in Libya called on
UNSMIL to act very seriously and urgently , to solve the humanitarian
and health conditions , and to remove the remnant of war , which was
witnessed by Ubari city.
The tribes in their statement , urged international , governmental
and national institutions , to exercise their role in establishing
peace , and to regain stability in the city , that is suffering from
a very hard situations.
The statement asserted , on the full support to the neutral force ,
to achieve their duties , calling upon all rivals in Libya , to stick
with the dialogue culture , to end the conflicts in all Libya.
Last Tuesday , a neutral force from "Hasawna" tribe has been
deployed in Ubari , in which clashes erupted and continued between
"Tabu" and "Twariq" tribes , for more than a year now.
Military sources in the city said , that the neutral force , had
received some locations from armed men of Tabu and Twariq tribes ,
and will complete its deployment in the rest of the sites.
The same source , added that the armed men attributed to both tribes
, will withdraw from all sites , as an execute to the agreement
signed between the two tribes in the Qatari capital Doha.
Tribes representatives , after negotiations last Thursday , agreed on
ending all armed forms in the city , the return of the displaced to
their homes , and to open the closed road between Ubari and Sabha.