Msahel: Anticipated Meeting of Libya's Neighboring States to Discuss Political Solution.Sunday , 14-02-2016 - 18:04:00

Algiers, 14 February 2016(Lana) The Algerian Minister in Charge of
Maghrebian, AU and Arab League Affairs Abdul Gader Msahel disclosed
that a meeting was anticipated for Libya's neighboring states to
discuss ways of pushing for a political solution in Libya.
An anticipated meeting for Libya's neighbors could be held
in the Tunisian capital to coordinate policies on the situation in
Libya, Msahel told reporters after a meeting with Tunisian Foreign
Minister Khamis AL Jheinawi.
Neighboring states are committed to the stability in the
sisterly country, to reach a consensus on the proposed solutions
Msahel said, adding that his talks with Jheinawi dealt with the
situation in Libya and the establishment of a national unity
government as soon as possible to put the house in order.
On his part the Head of the Tunisian diplomacy said Tunisia
and Algeria have agreed on pushing with the political solution to
enable Libyan to resolve their dispute, the road taken by Algeria and
Tunisia and all neighboring countries.
We want to reach as soon as possible a solution a
solution that preserve the unity and territorial integrity of Libya
he said.