Chairman of the Tunisian parliament renews his country's desire for a peaceful solution in Libya.Saturday , 13-02-2016 - 20:01:00

Tunisia, 13.02.2016 - Lana - Chairman of the Tunisian parliament "Mohamed Nasser" , renewed his country's position for a peaceful solution in Libya , and its rejection to the military intervention in its territories. In statements after a meeting with the American ambassador to Tunisia "Daniel Robinson" , and its former secretary of state "Madeleine Albright" , said that he had told them Tunisia's fear of any foreign military intervention in Libya , adding that the meeting also dealt with the necessity to have a political solution for the Libyan crisis , and the avoidance of any military intervention , for the consequences and affects on Libya and the neighboring countries. He pointed out , that there are no plan right now , and all intervention possibilities , are nothing but reports , that there is nothing to confirm this trend towards war. =Lana=