Tunisian and Egyptian ships fishing illegally were seized north west of Zawya city.Friday , 12-02-2016 - 19:24:00

Tripoli, 12.02.2016 - Lana - The navy chief of staff spokesman
colonel "Ayub Qasim" confirmed seizing a one Egyptian ship and two
Tunisian ships and a boat , that were fishing illegally in the Libyan
territorial waters , north west of Zawya city.
Colonel Qasim told - Lana - that while the coastal guards in the
western section , on Thursday , were patrolling the coast , had
discovered number of ships and fishing boats in the north west of
As the coastal guars neared , some of them fled , but managed in
seizing three fishing ships and a small boat inside the Libyan
territorial waters illegally , Qasim added.
Qasim said , that 37 Tunisian and 16 Egyptian fishermen were detained
, and being investigated , after docking the ships to Zawya refinery