Guiding budget is the main issue of CBoL.Tuesday , 02-02-2016 - 21:33:00

Tripoli, 02.02.2016(Lana) The Central Bank of Libya's
Committee on Covering Bank Accounts in Foreign Currency explained
that the guiding budget is the main issue of Central Bank of Libya
In a meeting with Directors of commercial banks Monday the
committee said the CBoL would be obliged to respond to the urgent
needs of the Libyan market, in partnership with commercial banks. It
said against the backdrop of the current situation, the CBoL would
focus on opening documentary credits for basic goods such as medicine
and food and not accepting any documentary credits with large sums
for secondary goods.
The committee urged the commercial banks to take into
consideration the magnitude of the country's crisis and that the CBoL
puts in place controls and fixes budgets for the commercial banks
for the public good.