Sabarata mayor says 30 people from the city kidnapped in revenge.Sunday , 10-01-2016 - 20:32:00

Sabarata, 10.01.2016(Lana) Sabarata mayor, Hussein al-Dawdi,
said 30 people from the city were kidnapped last Friday in Surman in
revenge for the arrest of a cell engaged in kidnapping and blackmail
in the western region of the country. Members of the cell are from
Sabarata, Surman and Zawia..
al-Dawdi said the kidnappers requested the release of members of the
cell in exchange for the release of the people from Sabarata.
the municipal council and relevant authorities in Surman and
Sabarat are trying to release the abducted people as soon as
possible without endangering their lives, al-Dawdi added.