Fire in Harooj and Waha companies' oil tanks extinguished completely.Sunday , 10-01-2016 - 19:20:00

Tripoli, 10.01.2016 - Lana - Supervisor of the extinguishing process
in Sirt company for oil and gas production 'Miftah Sh'wik' ,
confirmed that the fires irrupted in Harooj and Waha companies' oil
tanks , in Sidra and Ras-Lanoof had been completely extinguished ,
which was caused due to clashed between oil institutions guard forces
and Da'ash organization.
Sh'wik added , in his statements , that the number of the damaged
tanks due to fighting , are six tanks for Waha company , and two for
Harooj company.
Saying that three tanks are in good condition , and could be repaired
, as another two were collapsed during the extinguishing process.