Electricity company compelled to distribute the load.Tuesday , 05-01-2016 - 20:08:00

Tripoli, 05.01.2015(Lana) The General Electricity company has
announced that it would be compelled to increase distribution of load
due to great deficit in responding to increasing demand for
electricity especially within the area of Greater Tripoli as well as
central and southern regions.
The company attributed this development to the increasing pace of
security developments and armed clashes in the Oil Crescent severing
main current lines linking Ejdabya and Wahat in the western region
leading to the loss of 350 Megawat from the production capacities of
Western Sareer and Zawitina Generation Stations.
The company appealed to the public and all industrial and service
sectors and all consumers to reduce their consumption of power until
maintenance teams are able to conduct maintenance services to the
affected lines and restore the network to normal.