Al Essaba City hosts meeting for members of HoR, HSC, and Constituent Assembly.Monday , 01-01-2018 - 15:02:00

Al Essaba City, 1 January, 2018 (Lana) Al Essaba hosted a
meeting for members of House of Representatives (HoR), High State
Council (HSC), and the Constituent Assembly (CA)as well as activists,
social leaderships, right activists, media men and civil society
organizations (CSO).
A CSO activist who took part in the meeting, Dr Khaled Daej told
Lana reporter that the meeting was one of a serious of meetings
ortganized by the CA with CCSO activists, rightist activists in
various Libyan cities and towns, and today it is held in Al Essaba
themed; 'Our Difference does not mean our Conflict'.
Dr Daej explained that the meeting covered several topics and
foremost 'Transitional Phase and Perils of its Continuation', and
ways to hold referendum on the draft constitution to end transitional
phase, and discussion of some articles of the constitution of
significant nature.