Sheikh Taher Al zawi organizes workshop on 'Role of State and Soctiy in organizing arms'.Sunday , 31-12-2017 - 16:34:00

Tripoli, 31 December 2017 (Lana) Sheikh Taher Al zawi
organized Sunday in Tripoli a workshop on 'Role of State and Soctiy
in organizing arms' themed; 'Organizing arms versing development' in
line with efforts aimed at realizing stability and development.
The themes of the workshop included ways to organize carrying and
possession of arms, solutions, mechanisms and resources to realize
the goals of social peace and economic empowerment through
reintegration of societal forces into civilian life and prospects for
small and medium entrepreneurial projects.
Eng. Salem Al Gamoudi, chairman of Sheikh Taher Al Zawi
underlines keen interest of Sheikh Taher Al zawi to continue its work
with various bodies and institutions to develop communities and help
it play it role in capacity building and help low income families and
relief the ill-fated in cases of emergency.