GNA Foreign Ministry Issues Statement on International Migration Day.Wednsday , 20-12-2017 - 17:18:00

Tripoli, 20 December 2107(Lana) The GNA Foreign and International
Affairs Ministry has issued a statement on the International
Migration Day in which it highlighted the importance of international
celebration of the Migrants Day.
However the Ministry urged the international community to work
towards assisting the less developed nations the source of irregular
migrants especially in region, and who put themselves and their loved
ones as hostages at the mercy of traffickers and criminal gangs.
The Ministry said 'Libya is a transit route for migrants,
suffers crises and the negative impact of illegal migration on its
social, economic and security systems.'
It reiterated Libya's commitment to UN principles and human
rights, and also its responsibility to work with the UN and its
specialized organisations to bring an end to this negative phenomenon
and to combat those engaged in trafficking.